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Why we can do the super light?and have good quality!
1,The frist we design the 3D and do the analysis.
2,The carbon fiberlayer up design is new EPS system.
3,Use the higher modulus carbon fiber.



CAE design visualization

Our engineers create a component on screen using PRO/E ? the gold standard for new-product design. Most aerospace and automotive engineers use it for airframes and vehicle structures.

Finite-element analysis

Now we pass the prototype?s digital design files into FEA for stress testing. We model the forces acting on the component, examine how it performs under load, and change the design to perform better.

Computer cut the carbon fiber 
We are use computer cut the carbon fiber.Pieces are machine cut so they?re exactly right and exactly the same every time (above, left). This keeps weights the same, too. Each kit and final component is weighed and within 10g of the target weight. That includes forks, rims, etc.

Physical test

Now we test the physical prototype. We put every product component through independent tests, and our own. We bolt the component into a test rig, and subject it to a lifetime?s grueling use in a few hours.

Our production Line
Our carbon fiber 100% from Japan Toray.